Quick update: Something a bit different

You may have noticed I’ve been working in my Tau most recently, and my IG force is always at about luke warm in the background…
I’m always on the lookout for terrain bits and I found a bath sponge at my mothers… The texture reminded me of moon rock, which inspired me to make some Battlefleet Gothic terrain. I’ll post pics and other info later, but out of one sponge I was able to make:
1x Pre terra formed planetoid (ie a bare rock planet)
2x largish asteroids
Multiple smaller asteroids/ space rock debris

I want to add some bits like space junk to the asteroids and then work out how to put it together as an asteroid field / belt. I’m thinking thin wire from a clear flying stand, then basecoat black, drybrush grey and highlight white.

Otherwise, I’ve been working on my fortifications lately, will post some more pics soon.

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