Hobby Factory: Battlescape terrain

Taking a break from Dreadfleet, I had a GW Battlescape terrain piece, in pieces 😛 and sitting around in the way. I had purchased it when a hobby store was selling off it’s last items. I wasn’t sure whether I should break it up and use the parts for other terrain/models… in the end, it’s very solid and most of it is one piece (I will say this word at least once again, prepare yourself), therefore it would be both difficult and not worth the effort to pull it appart.
Battlescape long sideThe wrecked Rhino is nicely molded and not too hard to glue together. The trees are a little “meh” if you ask me, but at least it allows models free space. I kept the hatches open, as if the guys inside disembarked very quickly, and give the damage to the hatches, it looks like they were shot up pretty badly in the process. My only reall issue with the model is the large hole under the front left track, I’ll have to fill it in with some milliput.

Battlescape short sideimage

My favourite piece (see, told you I’d say it again) is the warning sign, but I’ve left that for another special model 🙂