Hobby Factory: Turning Wheels

One of my favourite bits of the Dreadfleet set are the turning wheels. There is one for each player and from the outset, I had the impression they were part of a gold coin with a skeleton design and skulls embedded. Painting them was just as easy as for the measure, base coating the whole thing shining gold, then washing it with Sepia to give the gold the depth and used feel. The wheels were an evolution (although a short one), in hindsight, I should have either left the skeletons and skulls white or else re-base coated them white before washing it all with Sepia. I guess it’s a learning curve thing 🙂

From there I only needed to dry brush the bone bits with white again, the stark contrast of the white instead of bleached bone makes it look like really old and worn bone. Lastly, I used black wash on just the lines at the bottom and then a white dry brush over the lines themselves.

Dreadfleet turning tool 1There is a slight difference between the two wheels because I applied an extra wash in the early stages to the right wheel. It was a trial at the time and gives a lot more depth to the pieces. It all depends on what you like, the one on the left is more shiny, looking like a newer coin, while on the right it looks older and worn.


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