Product Review: KR hardcase (standard briefcase size)

The second product review lately is for the KR multicase aka Standard Aluminium case. Alan from Good Games (Sydney Townhall) had the case in stock and it looked like a good deal with its mutitude of trays and capacity. It comes with a strap, the only potential risk being the plastic clips. Otherwise, it’s very sturdy and has a nice shiny finish.KR briefcase IMAG0425

Although the foam inserts come in various options from KR, there was one generic set provided. The foam inserts were in two stacks, and each tray fit models up to the size of Terminators or Stealth Suits (Tau). For larger items, I cut the divider between two slots to allow extra space.

KR briefcase IMAG0417

Even with this configuration, I was able to fit some non-standard size models into the space provided.KR briefcase IMAG0418

Each tray has 25 slots and the case holds up to 4 trays deep. I imagine this should be enough for a smaller elite army, especially a foot list like Daemons or Footdar.KR briefcase IMAG0419