Product Review: Model turntable

I picked up this interesting item from ebay the other week. I’ve wanted to take some photos of models in future in 360 degrees, but didnt have the turntable solution that was both cheap and worked well.Turntable IMAG0426

Enter the Solar Display Stand or as I affectionately call it: turntable. It runs off solar power (or high amounts of artificial lights). Each of the legs has a solar panel so that it picks up power from all angles and it was less than $15 AUD.

turntable IMAG0427It also doubles as a cool Tau terrain piece! It reminds me of the sort of alien flying saucer technology you see in some movies.
turntable IMAG0428The thing that didn’t stick in my mind when I purchased it is the size. It looks alot bigger on the screen than it really is. Here is Mr Dreadnought for a size comparison.
turntable IMAG0430I was a bit worried the heavy models would cause an issue, but if you balance it centrally, its not that bad. It still turns even with alot of weight on it so that’s a bonus. The other thing that works well is that it can take a battery if there isn’t alot of light. Lastly, the turning rate it very slow, which is perfect for what I’m going to use it for.