Recently procured

Ok, ok, the hype about GW not supporting Specialist Games any more got to me… I just couldn’t let it go unactioned, so here’s my latest list of purchases:

1. I looked on eBay to fill out my Chaos fleet for Battlefleet Gothic. I found a sweet deal that had a Planetkiller 6 Cruisers and 3 Frigates included. I figure in future I can use frigate size models from other game systems to represent Chaos vessels. Item 1 Completes Chaos fleet
2. I checked on various sites for Eldar fleet models, but no luck. It’s not as popular as Chaos/Imperial fleets. I then took myself to GW and filled out my stocking with two Eldar Aconite frigates, two Shadow cruisers, two Dragon ships a Wraithship, 1 blister of Shadow Hunters and one blister of Nightshades. Again, I think I’ll have to fill out the frigates with models from other game systems. Item 2 Completes Eldar fleet.
3. I wasn’t happy with what was available for the Imperial fleet online, the eBay items had me paying for cruisers that I don’t need and had a mish-mash of stuff. I bit the bullet and ordered what I really wanted from GW together with the Eldar fleet. One Emperor class and one Apocalypse class Battleship would fill out my current Imperial fleet. If I want to go all Cruisers and Battleships, then this fleet is done, otherwise sadly… Item 3 Imperial fleet is not complete

More news to come with new Tau and Eldar released muhuhuahahaaaaah…

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