NEW STUFF: Battlefleet Gothic

I’ve recently received an order of Battlefleet Gothic items, which helps fill out my Imperial and Chaos fleets, as well as build a Space Marine fleet.


First up, we have the Imperial Fleet. It includes some Light Cruisers and various Escorts to add to my Cruisers.SM_Fleet-IMAG0451-1

This large grouping represents the Space Marine fleet. A lot of this is usable as Imperial as well. I’m particularly proud to now own a Battle Barge πŸ™‚


Finally, we have the Chaos fleet, adding to the other Cruisers in my collection are various escorts and the might Desolator Grand Cruiser *muhhuhhahahhahhaaaah*… it’s so nerdy cool to get into character sometimes πŸ˜€ This lot also includes some mines, which at this point, I have no idea how to use them… never the less, more cool toys! ^_^

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