Hobby Factory: Latest Battle Fleet Gothic – Imperial Fleet

My latest builds for the Imperial fleet (BFG) are the Dauntless Light Cruiser:

Dauntless Light Cruiser
and Falchion Class Escort:

Falchion Class EscortsNotes:

The Dauntless Light Cruisers are pretty straight forward to build. Each model comes in it’s own blister, so you just clean up the parts and glue them on with super glue. The mold lines are ok, the worst section seems to be the engine exhaust at the back, some of the holes didn’t come out clearly, but a pin vice + drill bit later and they turned out ok.

The Falchion Class Escort is different, with all 3 coming in one blister and it’s not clear how some of the parts fit and it’s not clear how they need to be glued on. I looked at some pics online and while the diagram of the ships show the side “sponson” bits are glued in the horizontal position, I chose in the end to glue them vertically. I think they look better this way. Also, the “sponson” bits have excess metal from what I believe are gas vents in the mold. It’s hard to understand if these are meant to be guns of some sort and should be trimmed or else filed flat to make them a squarish surface feature. The latter is what I chose and as I said previously, I glued the “sponsons” on in the vertical configuration with the prominent square at the top. The only other comment is that the eagle head on the prow is poorly detailed, barely distinguishable as such.