In Sight: Surely this Dark Elf 1-Click Collection isn’t right…

DarkElf-1-Click-GW-Site20130929Or has GW gone totally mad?

Ok check my maths below, let me know if it’s not right.

From the GW page:

“This Cult of Khaine 1-Click Collection provides you with a range of miniatures based around a Dark Elf Sorceress and her murderous coven. It contains 4 boxes of Witch Elves/Sisters of Slaughter; and 1Cauldron of Blood/Bloodwrack Shrine.”


4x Witch Elves/Sisters of Slaugter:              $280.00 (@ $70.00 each)

1x Cauldron of Blood/Bloodwrack Shrine:      $80.00

Total: $360.00

So why is this collection $382.00??? Is the extra $22 for some unforeseen admin costs?

I’m declaring Shenanigans!!!