Hobby Factory: The Lord of the Swarm arrives (part 1)

I thought I’d start off my Tyranid hobby progress with the pinnacle of Tyranid bio-evolution: The Swarmlord. Thought to have been created as a direct result of contact with Marneus Calgar and his Ultramarines, the Swarmlord has lots of good stuff to offer any budding Hive Mind supporter. For this model, I have started with the metal version of the current Hive Tyrant (miniature?) model which originally had the standard head (with pointy horn), the squarish bone sword, lash whip and Venom cannon. The outcome I’m after is for bone swords, so I’ve removed all other arms except the original metal bone sword. I’ve bluetacked on the the other bone sword arms I have to show what the model looks like.

Swarmlord WIP

Swarmlord assembly 1

The original model was heavily gummed up with glue (not my model originally) and the mold lines and vent bits hadn’t been trimmed. After a not insignificant amount of time, I had the majority of the model cleaned up and pins in the thorax join and tail join for support.

Swarmlord assembly 2

Swarmlord assembly 2

The last step is the head. I have another Swarmlord head to use with the bladed horn, but I’m not happy using the basic skull shape. I’m going to try my hand at some green stuff and sculpting something different.