Hobby Factory: Tyranid Colour Scheme

Trialing some colours on the ‘nids, I have the Zoanthrope duo showcasing blue and pink carapace colour schemes.


Starting with the pink, I think its too… pink! These are older models purchased as is, I assume it was painted with purple, but it ended up too light after the highlight. I don’t mind the sepia “skin” colour though, might stick with it. I think I need to apply several layers of shade rather than one thick layer like this model.Zoanthrope-IMAG0704

Then there is the blue. While I don’t mind the tone of the colour scheme, the blue is too inorganic for me.Zoanthrope-IMAG0708

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2 thoughts on “Hobby Factory: Tyranid Colour Scheme

  1. I really like the blue, i think it looks more organic than the pink myself. good job, good timing too

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