Hobby Factory: BFG Imperial Cruiser Progress

Another step forward for the Imperial Cruiser colour scheme. After my previous post where I had most of the prow and weapon systems done, I wanted to achieve a few things with the colour scheme before I highlight and finish off the model:

1. Unified colour to bind the whole ship together

2. Add colour to the back section of the ship

Imperial Dictator Cruiser - colour scheme almost done

Imperial Dictator Cruiser – colour scheme almost done

What did I change to achieve this? I posted the photos from my first post on the Battlefleet Gothic Facebook page for some tips and thoughts. The group members were very helpful and suggested I visit a colour wheel website for help. The site helps to identify colours that match the other colours you have already chosen. Here is the list of considerations that led to the result:

1. I had used a bright red and deep yellow

2. The background colour is neutral (Grey)

3. The prow was again a neutral to cool white with a small section of deep red

Taking all of this into account, the Facebook group members also suggested I stick to Analogous colours (those adjacent to one another on the colour wheel). There is a tool on the website that easily picks out the Analogous 3rd colour I needed to complete my red and yellow set. I had 2 choices: I could continue with the red theme and use a dark purple/crimson or on the other side of the wheel, use a lime green. At first, the crimson/purple colour seemed the most harmonious with red and yellow, but after some thought, I took a punt and went with the lime green. Why? well because I wanted a colour that was a little different, yet harmonious with the other 2 colours and decided to use it as a backdrop for the red and yellow. In the photo above, the lime green surrounds the red and yellow areas and runs the length of the ship along the site. I didn’t want it to overpower the other colours, so I kept it as a strip of colour along the side only.

Next steps:

I canvassed this concept with my wife and it was her suggestion I go with the lime green in the first place. At first I didn’t think it would work, but it’s her suggestion that made me give it a go. She also suggested that I repeat the Gold and White theme from the prow on the upper command deck. I went with that suggestion as well (see a recurring theme here…?). The final step was to use the Gold to pick out the upper spikes/ramparts on the top of the vessel, marking out the “spine” of the ship. It really makes it feel Imperial! (and yes, my wife suggested that too).

I hope people find the colour scheme as interesting as I do.

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