Hobby Factory: Finalised – Tyranid colour scheme

Yes, I have been doing some hobby lately!

In between clearing out the spare room (which is also where I store my models, paint my minis and also doubles as the office space with PC), I’ve made a few trips to GW Sydney and also Good Games (Town Hall). I’ve tried to focus my efforts on finishing a colour scheme for the nids, given their re-release yesterday. Speaking to Dave at GW and Francesco at Clockwork Pirates (Commission Painting) about a video I saw about painting a Poison Dart Frog pattern from Kris at the MiniWarGaming YouTube channel. I liked Kris’ technique and the blue was something I was tossing up to use as the Carapace colour so I went with a slightly darker theme.

I think the result is pretty good, its more subtle against the midnight blue background, but what I was after and easy to paint. The body colour is a combination of Cadian Fleshtone, followed by a purple wash (Leviathan or Druchii), then Cadian Fleshtone again as a first highlight and finally Kislev Flesh as the final main highlight. I did try a different technique on the left side of the body before settling on this combination, using Cadian Fleshtone, then purple wash, then Kislev Flesh and finally a mix of Kislev Flesh and Bleached Bone, but it turned out too dry looking. Below are some photos to show the difference.


The first two photos are using the initial Cadian, purple, Kislev and Kislev/Bone combo. It turned out to be a more contrasting effect on the body segments to the purple. Not my cup of tea 🙁


Termagant_Theme-IMAG0766The second photo is with the final Cadian, purple, Cadian then Kislev combo. I like it better as the Kislev is better as a final highlight instead of a main colour over the purple.

I’m now batch painting another 9 to make the brood to see how easy/difficult the method and scheme is on a few models.


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