News: Tyranid new releases and Codex

Yes! All my hard work collecting and assembling my nids over the past year have paid off with the release (today) of the new Tyranid Codex and new Tyranid models!

Copyright: Games Workshop 2014

GW have released the Codex in the usual way, ie a limited edition version and standard gaming version.

Copyright: Games Workshop 2014

There are also available via download as an Apple digital copy and in eBook format.

Copyright: Games Workshop 2014

The new alien models to collect in future includ Tyrant Guard,  Harpy / Hive Crone, Haruspex / Exocrine and new versions of the Tyranid Warriors. There are the obligatory Warhammer 40,000 Psychic Cards: Tyranids available as well.


Copyright: Games Workshop 2014, used without permission.

It’s gonna be a fun year!