Hobby Factory: Stripping

Today I’m going to talk about stripping. Ok the title of this post is kinda, a little, teensy, weensy bit provocative on purpose šŸ™‚

I’m talking about paint stripping of course… (don’t know what you were thinking :P). In my case, I have a mixture of some atrociously painted models (my earliest attempts at painting) and some models I bought from Ebay ages ago that have completely different paint schemes and often very thick so painting over them would not look great. Some of these models are basic troops or “fodder” for some armies such as Tyranid Termagants, these I’m painting over as there are too many to wait to strip every model. It’s also alot of effort for that many models (60+) which I see as a waste of my already limited hobby time.

Why strip the paint from a model?

Thinking quickly about it, some of the reasons why to strip paint off models rather than painting over the top of the existing paint might be:

1. It’s a key/centrepiece model e.g. Carnifex, Hive Tyrant, Terminator or Independant Characters

2. A desire to have a model with a smooth and detailed colour scheme and the existing scheme is uneven. This occurs with models that have large flat areas such as Terminators or Walkers. Many Eldar models would fit into this category as their nature leads to clean and smooth paint work.

3. The existing paint is thick and obscures the detail on the model. This was also be that the model is older or of lower quality and any thick paint will obscure the little detail it has.

4. A desire to try paint stripping šŸ˜€

Case number 1

In my case, I have a Carnifex which currently has a rather fetching glossy black carapace with red exoskeleton paint scheme. It’s not bad from the original owner, but the paint coverage is on the thick side and painting over it will mean I loose alot of the detail such as gas vents and eyes etc. I’ve had alot of trouble with painting over glossy paints before as well, often having to re-undercoat which just adds to the problems I mention above. The advantage of stripping this model is that that there are not many of them in this state and its a large model I can do all at once. The disadvantage is that stripping a large model like this means a larger quantity of my chosen paint stripper and hence a bigger container is required for the mix.

Below is the model which is undergoing it’s “facial” in the form of a chemical peel šŸ™‚

Related to Old One Eye perhaps?

Related to Old One Eye perhaps?

And below you can see the old paint job to compare with the above.

My arm! Who cut of my arm!???

My arm! Who cut of my arm!???

More in the next post on the steps and how it’s going.