Hobby Factory: Termagants – Done!

What an amazing feeling to have completed not only one but a whole unit of models… it’s invigorating and inspiring at the same time to know that my 10 little models are 100% complete from head to… base and I did it all myself! 🙂
For anyone who is reading/seeing this as the first post on this blog, it’s important to understand where my hobby progress has gone over the last 20 years or so of collecting and playing with Warhammer Fantasy and 40k models. It’s easy to explain actually: not very far at all 🙁 Oh, I put together my models (for most of my models that’s true, there are some still in boxes) and I even have got motivated enough to spray undercoat most of those too. When it came to getting actual colours onto them though, well that’s where the painting engine in my head was too “busy” on other things. To keep this story short; I often felt I couldn’t achieve the quality level for my painting that I envisioned for each model so therefore I just stopped and didn’t go past the undercoat stage. I was just too afraid to stuff up the paint job and therefore couldn’t bring myself to go further. Why? Because I felt I couldn’t paint quickly enough to paint to a high enough level and fast enough to finish and use the army on the tabletop.

Well no more! I finally found my painting mojo, hobby motivation, will to progress, call it what you will. And it’s rather simple (I say that after 20 years of procrastination of course): the mantra I have now is “so I want every model to be as good a quality as I can paint… ok, even if it takes me another 20 years, I’ll just paint every model as best as I can and that will have to be enough!”. This works for me as you may be able to see below. To finish my story, the final step was to be smart about which models to paint first, i.e. the troop choices first, then move on to characters/monsters etc.
So here is the result of about 10 hrs worth of painting and basing:

Single Termagant 100% complete, tops! :)

Single Termagant 100% complete, tops! 🙂

In a previous post, I described the poison dart frog scheme, first introduced to me by Kris at MiniWarGaming. I stuck with the scheme and am VERY happy with it. So simple, yet adds that level of detail I wanted. I’m also very happy with the colour scheme of blue carapace and cadian fleshtone base “skin” (I call it skin even though it’s technically an exoskeleton akin to crustaceans and insects). The final step which is new this time is the base. I initially went old school and flocked the base (yes, who uses flock these days? :D) and painted it green. Wow, that look certainly too me back, I kick myself for not taking a photo. It should suffice to say that I painted over it with the scheme you see now. It’s a muddy brown base with progressively lighter bone highlights. Then my favourite technique: static grass! It’s so easy to just put a little blob of glue somewhere, drop some grass on it, shake it off and then blown on it while upside down (lucky models, I don’t even know if they are boys or girls 😉 hehe)
And below is the whole brood (yes, it’s a small brood my today’s standards) which I will combine with others to make into the super sized broods required for play. I’m quite chuffed at the outcome for these little fellows. Feeling really good right now 😀

Brood Complete!

Brood Complete!

4 thoughts on “Hobby Factory: Termagants – Done!

    • Thanks, I’m starting on the next batch soon and working on something special on the side as well! 🙂

  1. Well done Russ! Keep it up. Nothing like completion to motivate you onto the next project. One squad at a time, work towards an army, and watch you skills grow. There are no tricks or short cuts that replace straight up practice, and the practice is clearly paying off as these are the best bunch of models you have ever done. That said, I look forward to splating them with a power klaw one day 😛

    • Thanks buddy, I give you permission to splat as many as you want with your power klaw… wait till you see what’s coming next 🙂

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