Hobby Factory: Basic Bases [Part 2]

Revisiting my first post where I went through my thoughts, planning and newer method for basing my IG troops. I’ve had a go at the method and the results are pretty good.

A reminder, here is the step by step process:

1. Starting with a blank base (model glued on), use Astrogranite Texture paint (Citadel) to cover the top of the base (not the sides of the base;

2. Dry brush with Codex Grey (or suitable lighter grey) paint;

3. Add patches of Khemri brown (or suitable brown) paint, different shapes, but about the same area as a standard model’s foot print;

4. Add a dash of super glue over the brown and then stick down a Tuft of pre-made static grass; and,

5. Paint the rim/sides of the base black to emphasise the boarder around the grey base.

Test Models

On to some test cases to demonstrate what I’ve mentioned. I’ve noted the starting point for various models below.


Starting Point 1: Some bases that had been base coated brown, one with flock the other without.

Starting Point 2: No base coat or flock
Starting Point3: Models

First Model tests:


Astrogranite textured base paint over the original brown base coat


Grey drybrush over grey/white flock combination


Astrogranite (light coat) and then drybrush grey over bare base


Grey drybrush over Astrogranite over brown base coat


Astrogranite over drybrushed flock


Heavy Astrogranite textured paint over bare base

I have yet to take some pictures of the tufts when glued onto the bases. More of that in another post.


Which method do I prefer? Well it depends… I think over all, the brown base coat then Astrogranite textured paint (light) followed by a drybrush (I should try a black wash) looks best for me leaving the brown edging. For a really heavy cityfight feel, the heavy Astrogranite over the bare base looks good as a “concrete debris” look. The dry brushed flock looks really old school, I think it works best as a small patch over the Astrogranite then washed black to represent ashes and charred wood/embers. Perhaps with a bit of red underlying as still burning embers? Something to think about trying.

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