Hobby Factory: Imperial Guard update

Painting is slowly continuing for the Imperial Guard (Astra Militarum). Working solely off my Citadel paint station, I snatch 20-30 mins painting time every now and then.
Quick aside: painting in low light leads to very low quality painting for me. Detail is easy to miss e.g. covering areas where colours meet, accidentally touch adjoining sections with the brush or missing some areas all together.

On to the update
I pulled out a number of models and have been working my way through them starting with the inner areas then working outward.
I’ve reworked the colour scheme worth some guidance from my mates Tim and Sean. The main difference is the adjoining top and bottom jacket bits that stick out above the flak armour plates are now a uniform khaki/sand colour. The fatigues are Fenris grey base and shaded with Midnight Blue (watered down). Armour plates are still Adeptus Battle grey. The other progress point is the bases which I’ve used Astronomicon grey texture paint. I’ve added some patches of sepia for shade in preparation for the static grass later.

Progress photos


1 of 3


3 of 3

The first three are one of my heavy weapons teams. All of the base colours are done and most of the shading as well. Highlights are next for all colours, then some static grass and that’s them finished.


More troops, lots of mistakes

The final 2 shots are of my other troops. These guys are needing allot of cleanup. It’s amazing how
many mistakes you can see from a photo with flash… more progress hopefully soon.

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