Hobby Factory: Imperial Guard Heavy Weapon Squad

Progress continues on the Imperial Guard (Astro Militarum). I’ve continued honing my painting and basing skill on one of the the Heavy Weapon Squads (missile launchers), working up from the base coat. There are three updates:
1. Highlights for skin and fatigues.
2. Armour has been washed with black.
3. Drybrush and detail added for the bases.



Fatigues: Russ Grey base washed with Midnight Blue, followed by Russ Grey then Fenris Grey.
Skin: Cadian Fleshtone base with Reikland wash followed by Cadian and Kislev Flesh highlights
Base: dry brushed with codex grey and had Agrax Earthshade added in pools. A Devlan Mud wash had been applied to the pools as well.

Side notes
The below image was taken with a flash, which I now realise shows aspects to the paint that aren’t visible in normal light or even by the naked eye. The washes are presented starkly against the model, which is much more subtle in reality.


Full squad

Next steps
The reason for adding the Agrax mud pools is so that I can add dead grass in the centre. I bought the GW static grass (the yellowed dead grass) and will glue it coming out of the centre. Below is a mock up image which explains in better. This is a trial which I hope to reuse for tundra and other effects later.

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