Imperial Guard / Astra Militarum painting progress

The_Hobby_FactoryA quick update that I’ve recently had a hobby day with some of the WHGW boys and made some progress on my IG/Astra Militarum ( old habits die hard ).

I will post some pics soon, but for the moment I wanted to raise a topic of motivation and my personal method for getting hobby progress happening. What seems to have worked for me in the past and currently are 2 scenarios:

  1. Travel for work (overnight) – while I was away I took my hobby kit and some models and in the evening at the hotel put some paint on models. This is great for those who have the night away to themselves and no distractions (don’t touch the TV remote!)
  2. Failing time away alone, the latest progress has come about through a regular (planned monthly) get together with like minded individuals (hobbyists) and sit and chat. It serves 2 purposes until full armies are painted and that “gotta get a game in” itch needs a scratch: Firstly as a social gathering to see one’s mates; and secondly the painting is a nice, relaxed environment to sit/chat/get some hobby done (unlike playing a game that can be intense when the pressure of the “once in a blue moon” game comes around).

Food for thought and if anyone wants to share, please do so below.


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