Cool Stuff: 40K Voice Demos

If you’re creating a video, music or a podcast, this might come in handy. Copyright of the audio to the artist known as magneticemu and the original script to Relic Entertainment. Related posts:11th Company: Episode 67: Tactics, Tactics, Questions, and More TacticsThe Overlords: Episode 46 – BOGOF it’s Jim SwallowCool Stuff: 40K Kill Team Rap

Cool Stuff: How to make battle reports video

Warhammer Fantasy Battle Tabletop Gaming over at have posted about How to Make Battle Reports, primarily using MovieMaker (Apple). The original post is and video below: Related posts:Battle Report: Some nicely painted Orks aboardBat Rep: Orks vs Tau 23 Dec 11Video Batrep: Cron Air vs Ork trukk 1750pts

Cool Stuff: Curicon social website launch

This is a first review of a brand new social networking site called “Curicon”, a social networking hub with the central theme being “you and what you collect”. A great idea and they’ve padded out the collectibles section with all manner of Warhammer Fantasy and 40k miniatures. About Curicon: “We’re Just A Bunch Of Collecting…

Cool Stuff: NUI Project

For those of you who like Battlefleet Gothic (like I do) and the idea of travel through space to other solar systems and planets (or even beyond the gallaxy once we figure out how to access the Warp… hehe), this demonstration vid is just the g-up we need! It brings back memories of so many…

Cool Stuff: Gallipoli diorama 2011

I’ve come across a Gallipoli diorama before at the Australian Military Museum in Canberra, but this representation is excellent! Thanks to Beasts of War for sharing the footage on their channel. Related posts:Cool Stuff: Wonders never cease… someone making a fibreglass Space Marine!Cool Stuff: NUI Project