Boredom Beats: Changin’ it up bro!

‘K, so everyone gets bored sometimes… I’m at that “painting 150 guardsmen armour plates adeptus ‘grey is just eatz*!” so boredom has set it once again. I’m all huffed about the progress, it’s just hit the doldrums (ie hum-drum). I’m putting together a terrain slideshow of what I’m planning to finish by mid-year, so will…

Cool Stuff: Gallipoli diorama 2011

I’ve come across a Gallipoli diorama before at the Australian Military Museum in Canberra, but this representation is excellent! Thanks to Beasts of War for sharing the footage on their channel. Related posts:Cool Stuff: Wonders never cease… someone making a fibreglass Space Marine!Cool Stuff: NUI Project


Review: Dreadstone Blight

Another scenery review looks at the delapitated twin of the Witchfate Tor. Dreadstone Blight has several cool visual features including a Tzeentch door and Wheel of Magic in the centre (with runes to mark each of the winds of magic). The sheer size of this piece makes it great to fight over, bridging the gap…


Review: Witchfate Tor, Tower of Sorcery

I went to GW Sydney (aka the Battle Bunker) and was just missed out on taking some photos of the Golden Demon winners for this year… suxors… 🙁 Anyway, I caught up with the guys in store and they took me through the new Warhammer scenery ie Witchfate Tor and the Dreadstone Blight. Specifically, Ill…