Hobby Factory: The brood grows

More progress has been made on the Tyranid colour scheme, continuing with painting more Termagant brood members. A reminder about the colour scheme test model: The self-styled poison dart frog pattern is still on the agenda, the difference with the other brood members is that I did not blend the midnight blue to hawk turquoise…

Cool Stuff: 40K Voice Demos

If you’re creating a video, music or a podcast, this might come in handy. Copyright of the audio to the artist known as magneticemu and the original script to Relic Entertainment. Related posts:DeepStrike Radio: EPISODE #14 – Werewolves of FenrisA week in Podcasts: 6-13 May 2011Cool Stuff: 40K Kill Team Rap

GW Site issues

Does GW have a new website host? This is the first time I’ve seen this timeout error:   Hopefully they fix it soon 🙂

Cool Stuff: How to make battle reports video

Warhammer Fantasy Battle Tabletop Gaming over at http://battlereporter.blogspot.com.au have posted about How to Make Battle Reports, primarily using MovieMaker (Apple). The original post is http://battlereporter.blogspot.com.au/2013/11/making-warhammer-batrep-videos.html and video below: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-RE3EDd80hk Related posts:Battle Report: Some nicely painted Orks aboardBattle Report: IG vs IG 1850pts 4 May 2012Video Batrep: Cron Air vs Ork trukk 1750pts