So they’re done. Or at least, the first Brood of 10x Gargoyles are complete. I really enjoyed seeing this scheme develop and the whole brood looks great. I went with 2 colours/layers to get a sharp line on the wings and emphasise the stretched skin look I was after. The chitin pattern, with its pattern at right angles to the wing lines really makes the contrast stand out further than the different tones do by themselves.

To showcase these, I have posted a few of them in a YouTube video and I have another image above for a zoomed in snapshot. I realised toward the end that I kept the skin of these creatures a bit darker than their Hormagaunt and Termagant cousins. I felt this was to better demonstrate their flesh being softer (and potentially lighter skin material) rather than a heavier bone-like appearance. I’m going to varnish them all now and may go with matt for the body, followed by gloss for the blue chitin. That will help protect them against wear and tear in games.