1. Summarised info from the Art of War 40k podcast
  2. ITC Battles App data used by Art of War 40k

Summarising the latest Warhammer 40K rankings, using statistics gained from the ITC Battles App data, the Art of War 40k podcast takes us through the latest tier rankings for all Factions.

The tabularised information they present is below (as at today, compared to 2-3 months ago):

Labels: ^1 up a tier, ^2 up 2 tiers, ^3 up 3 tiers, v1 down a tier, v2 down 2 tiers, v3 down 3 tiers
Time period/ TierFactionComments
S TierDrukhariTop of the Faction Tier by a lot
75% win rate at GT, 72% RTT win rate (mirror match removed), over 1400 games
All the tools/utility
4-7% of meta representation overnight
Won 6 of latest GTs
5-10% too cheap for competitive units (Wyches, Court, Succubus, Drazhar, Raider, Wracks)
Power from pain early buffs, other buffs without penalty (liquifier)
Raider is cheapest with fly, advance, fast, shoot out of them
Don’t want to see a Genestealer Cults style multi-nerf
Adeptus Soritas2nd top Faction
55% win rate, dropped due to Drukhari
Hard to play, good player can pull off lots of tricks
5 top % results recently
Not many bad builds, most well rounded faction
Chaos Daemonsv1
Dark Angels3rd top Faction
49% win rate, 3rd most played
New player friendly, top end is very strong
A lot of people dropping them atm
White Scarsv2
A TierAdeptus CustodesTop of A Tier with Harlequins
Top-4 9 times, 6% representation
Only bested by S Tier armies
Adeptus Mechanicus53% win rate since 9th dropped
Mass flyer list is nasty
Super strong
Has an anti-Drukhari build
Good: Sulphour Hounds, Pteraxii Skystalkers
Black Templars50% win rate, some tourney wins, high win ration
Devout Push is broken
Great Faction
Blood AngelsSome good characters
Chaos DaemonsCompeting with Dark Angels/Death Guard
Keeper is no longer best unit
Not many people playing Daemons any more
Dark Angels^1
Death Guard51% win rate
-1 Damage is good
Too slow, obsec is missing in good lists
Terminus Est pox walkers list
Harlequins56% win rate
Top of A Tier with Custodes
Dropped down because Drukhari “do it better”
People not playing them as much
Iron Hands53% win rate
Resurgence, most unkillable Volkite Contemptor
NecronsWeird lists doing work
2nd most popular army
Multiple tourney wins, undefeated results and top 3s
Warrior builds work best (double obsec or Novok)
10.5% of meta
OrksGood at holding slow armies at bay
Evil Suns or Goth boyz, Buggy lists, 3 solid builds to win events, multiple top-4s
Teleport into their face
MSU game as well as Horde (Buggys, Kommandos, Storm Boyz)
Custom Stompa, Burna Bomma
Damage 2 or 3 is good
Raven Guardv1
B TierUltramarinesv2
Craftworld Eldar51% win rate, boost from soup
Good mono-faction, better with soup
Nightspinner menace, though expensive
Low B-Tier
Death Guard^1
Deathwatch49% win rate
Some builds that are interesting
Potential anti-Drukhari
1/3 of Codex doesn’t work
Genestealer Cultsv1
Imperial Knights65% win rate in soup
Beat Drukhari, going first esp.
Magaera is good, relics
War dogs
Raven Guard48% win rate
Some good tools
Renegade Knights65% win rate in soup
Good with Mortarion or Magaera, war dogs, locks
SalamandersTop of B Tier
Space Wolves46% win rate
Lowest B Tier
Codex made them worse
Some good characters
TyranidsOne list that is devastating – Dimachaeron, potential A Tier
Haradans good
White ScarsJust won a Tournament
Should be A Tier: 3x Volkite Comtemptors build
C TierAstra MilitarumBest in a soup
Majority Guard
Dual Manticores are good
Scions are good
Chaos Space MarinesMono-faction is bad
Soup is better
Waiting for 2 wounds
Craftworld Eldar^1
Genestealer CultsNot many people playing them
Likely C Tier
Grey Knights41% win rate
Waiting for 2 wounds
Imperial First39% win rate
Noone playing them
Been nerfed on doctrine
Could have been potential anti-Drukhari
Imperial Knights^1
Tau 36% win rate
WTC gave fall back and shoot for Mont’ka, need universally
Thousand Sons45% win rate is up
Souped with other Factions
UltramarinesLowest win rate at the moment
Potential anit-Drukhari with re-deploy
Should probably be in B Tier